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Israel method of farming

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Israel technology

only company in India to practically implemented

Kapil Agro Farms India Pvt Ltd is a pioneer in bringing the Israel method of farming i.e producing more with less water and high density farming in our country. Our aim is to transfer the knowledge we have gained with our collaboration with Israel farmers, to our farmers, so that farming becomes sustainable to countless farmers across our state and nation.

Kapil Agro Farm India Pvt Ltd has developed a plantation for all the major fruit crops of Telangana state like Mango, Guava, Citrus, Seethaphal, Sapota, Apple ber, Fig, Pomegranate, Jamun, with the Israel under a project “Ultra high density plantation of fruit research project is established in an area of Sreeramnagar village Moinabad mandal, Rangareddy district year 2016.

Kapil Agro Farm India Pvt Ltd is the only company in India to practically implement the Israel technology of growing 12 varieties of fruit crops, with a focus on water harvesting, in Telangana State, under a long-term on water harvesting, in Telangana State, under a long-term collaborative project, with Israeli farmers.

Further, the company has indigenously developed the technique of raising the fruit crops in 3 feet height raised beds,to enable water harvesting. This technique has resulted in arresting the water flow out of the farm, increasing the infiltration and ultimately resulted in conservation of water farm below the ground. The raised bed has resulted in raising the ground water upto 50 meters, besides improving aeration for the trees. The company has developed technology for growing fruit crops in drought areas also.

Kapil Agro Farm India Private Limited is now ready to implement/transfer this technology under turnkey basis. The company has the capability of implementing the ultra high density planting of fruit plants in any part of the India with its state of art technology in collaboration with our Israel counter parts.

Our goal is to help the Indian farmer by exposing them to new technologies tailored to their local needs. A unique focus is to teach farmers the language of irrigation - when to irrigate and by how much - to increase water use efficiency. Adoption of drip irrigation has been faster but so far, adoption of these technologies among north Indian farmers has been lower due to easy water availability

Consultation will be provided from 3rd year onward which includes advice on irrigation (based on phytech data management), fertigation protection every months. Our experts who have been trained in Israel will visit the farm every month and advice. The principal Scientist will visit every 2 months and our Israel expert will visit once in 18 months. Further, complete field data management with our farm management software kit for easy transparency.


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